✿ Call me Ciw or Paina!
✿ 24 years old ; she/her
✿ Capricorn and ENFJ
✿ Barcelona; Spain
✿ Esp/Eng and a bit Ger
✿ I like girls and dogs

random facts about me

✿ I'm a cosplay meme
✿ I always want to rp
✿ I read a lot of fanfics
✿ I like to draw
✿ Sometimes I edit videos
✿ I'm not very confident with my english
✿ I really like fem versions
✿ My dog is the most beautiful creature in this world

My commissions


Feel free to ask me for a commission!
I really like OCs and DnD, so I will put more love if you make me draw your OC.

(More info below)

I will draw~
-Original Characters
-Animals and furries (depending of the difficult)

I will NOT draw~


You have to know...
-Pay first
-I will draw the pose I think it could fit, but you can give reference of what you want.
-Don't push me. I'm an artist, but also a person.

How to ask for my commissions~

1. Send me a DM with this information:
-Type of commision:
-Number of characters:
-Reference pictures: (1 or 2 per character):
-Short description of the characters:
-Short description of the picture you want:
-Paypal name:
-Other information you think it's neccesary:

2. Payment:
-I will send you my PayPal.
-PAY FIRST and then I will start your commission.
-Pay with euros.

3. I will show you a photo of the skecth before I start to make the lineart and color it, so you can tell me if there're any mistakes.
If you want some changes AFTER I made the lineart and color, you have to pay an extra.

My Ko-Fi

In case you can't afford a formal commission, I also make request doodle with every Ko-Fi donation. The doodles would be like these examples:

Other Accounts

You can see more of my art here!